Summer 2016 videos from Wiesenburg, Germany, so nicely done. Thank you Mal!!

Summer 2014, our band Spirit Radio, live at Inlakesh Festival, Ashland, Oregon:

Your Own Christmas Song, Performed Live on KRCB Radio, Sonoma County:

Walk the Path:

Diane Patterson plays her Earth Ballad, Walk the Path, from her album World Awake. Filmed during the Source of Sustenance Tour in August of 2010 in Duncan, B.C. ‘City of Totems’

Furthur at the Outback:

Performed live at the Outback Theater, Bellingham, WA

Jah, Jah Shall Lead the Way — written by Hari:

Waiting on the dock of the Ferry to Vashon Island at 1:30 am August 18, 2010. Diane Patterson plays us a song by Hari from Ashland.

3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Hi Diane! I was at the Women’s Herbal Conference this weekend and I heard you playing your ukulele as I was laying in the sun, you were playing some slow, somber sounding songs and I can up afterwords and asked for your card! I loved listening to your albums on Spotify on my ride home! 🙂

    I didn’t however hear those slower ukulele songs on there! Are they newer?

    Thanks, blessings

    • Hi Nicole! I probably played Rogue River Highway, which will be on my next album, coming out this winter. Yes, newer.Shall I put you on my mailing list? Then you’ll know when the songs are out. And I think they’ll end up on Spotify. Great to meet you!

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