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Hip the Hip

Funky Earth Ballads on Acoustic Guitar
Genre: Rock: Acoustic
Release Date: 2005

World Awake

Diane plays her funky earth ballads for the peaceful revolution on guitar, ukulele and djembe. Several songs have rockin’ full band arrangements with drum, bass, lead guitar, and piano or Hammond organ. There are three live cuts and 9 studio recordings.
Genre: Rock: Modern Rock
Release Date: 2010

Holy Days of Winter

A holiday gift to our waking world, where all lands are holy, the goddess is alive, and Santa brings what we all want most . . love. 3 songs, and 2 videos. Acoustic guitar and powerful voice, timeless, unique, global messages, lush vocals, horns.
Genre: Holiday: Folk
Release Date: 2011

4 thoughts on “Buy CDs

  1. Love your beautiful music! Met you last spring at the women’s herbal symposium, bought your CD and play it all the time. Build a Bridge is a work of spiritual beauty. It moves me. Thank you, Diane! Are you coming to the symposium this year?

  2. I am a programmer and bought your C.D. Live at the Palms and will air two tracks on 9/9/16. On Blue Mountain Radio KQBM LP 103.7 FM West Point KQBM 90.7 FM San Andreas. My radio program is ” Love is the song we Sing “. Your music will be in set two. I am on facebook as James Fox. If you would like friended the answer is yes. And I will send you the link for the edited show for downloaded or listening. Happy trails, James

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